Dominic Scott

Aníbal Nogueira

I am a walker of the Light, in the path towards the Awakening of Consciousness to Unity.

As a sensitive, since childhood I have been in direct contact with the so-called subtle worlds in their various manifestations, which allowed me to learn to live with this reality.

I study and practise the holistic healing process and energetic techniques of releasing blocking beliefs, having developed my own method called Terapia Energética-Método de Libertação Emocional e Realinhamento Energético (Energy Therapy-Emotional Release and Energy Realignment Method) that combines various techniques of energy medicine with spiritual coaching and intuitive reading for physical, emotional and mental transformation.

I give consultations at several centres, as well as conferences, workshops and courses geared towards personal transformation and development.

I am the author of ‘Diálogos para o Despertar da Humanidade’ (Dialogues to Awaken Humanity), 2018, Editora Cristal, ‘Passos para a Transformação Interior’ (Steps to Inner Transformation), 2019, Editora Cristal and ‘Amor Cósmico’ (Cosmic Love), 2024, Editora Cristal.


It is my own method which I call Energy Therapy-Emotional Release and Energy Realignment Method and consists of the combined use of several therapeutic techniques, personalised for each case, which act on different energy levels, physical and subtle bodies, restoring their natural healing mechanisms and opening your perception to new possibilities for the situations you are experiencing.

This therapy, developed over the years through my practical and intuitive activity, enables me, in agreement with and with the assistance of spiritual guides and different hierarchies of Light, to identify and release traumas, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering, which are constituted and maintained as blocks to personal growth, in this and other lives, and are stored in the energy fields of our bodies preventing us from realising our full potential.

I act as a channel and catalyst of the energy flow, as well as of the work of the Guides and hierarchies of Light that intervene in the process. However, it is the individual himself that will transform his conditions thanks to the new frequency and his capacity to take on the healing process through a new perception.